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NeuroRecover™ is a detoxification and addiction management program. It is an innovative, non-addictive, patient-specific program based on years of applied science and treatment. The NeuroRecover program utilizes proprietary Amino Acid-based intravenous preparations for detoxification, coupled with unique oral nutraceutical supplements to assist in managing symptoms both during detoxification and as an ongoing strategy to reduce cravings.

The NeuroRecover program’s patient-specific IV preparations and unique oral nutraceutical supplements are designed to rapidly assist the body in restoring neuroreceptor function to an optimal level. Once the body’s neuroreceptor functions have been healed, the patient’s cravings for these substances is lessened allowing the clinician to remediate any other underlying conditions that led to the original substance abuse.

These formulas are based on over 15 years of treatment of more than 3,000 patients by Dr. William M. Hitt. The first phase of supplementation is patient-specific, based on the type and severity of the substance abuse, to treat withdrawal symptoms and to ensure the body’s full return to nutritional balance.

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