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Our Mission

We are a center for health, wellness, and prevention of disease. Using the best of conventional medicine, along with evidence-based integrative modalities, we strive to bring about a customized healing experience. Our emphasis is on the whole person; body, mind, spirit, and community, to empower the individual to overcome their health challenges and to embrace a life of wholeness and vitality. In addition to addressing the underlying causes of disease, we implement  preventative measures, which are key to maintaining a vibrant, healthy life

Why Was CIMC Founded?

What led to the development of CIMC had to do with providing the best care within the insurance model. The number one deterrent to getting good care is money. Patients will always ask if we take insurance and for years I have had to say ‘No” only to hear the drop in their voices and ultimately never made an appointment. So now finally I can say, “yes we take insurance”. We take Medicare, most PPO’s and still working on getting on more of the major insurances.

HMO’s just have not come far along enough to recognize the value of what we offer. We hope the insurance industry takes note of the trends in medicine and adopts to the long-awaited integrative approach needed to care for those suffering from chronic illness. CIMC is unique in that we can offer care for health and wellness, preventative medical services, determining problems before they manifest, to treating chronic conditions. We cover a scope of service from MD visits to intravenous therapies to chiropractic care. Soon to bring in Acupuncture, and lifestyle education. This is the future of medicine and it is here now.

What is CIMC?

Carlsbad Integrative Medical Center is the premier facility for insurance-covered preventative and functional medicine treatment and care.  Our focus is on applying a systematic approach specific to each individual by creating a partnership between patient and practitioner to address underlying causes of disease. Through merging conventional and integrative medicine, the center strives to deliver the most cutting-edge advances to its patients.